HER 2? Avoid Avoid



I have something to post as a warning/suggestion for anyone who has been diagnosed with HER 2.

The medical oncologist told me to avoid:

  • soy
  • flax
  • alcohol
  • any plant based estrogen such as Promensil, which I took for a year or so to try to relieve hot flashes – it was a clover based over the counter pill. She specifically mentioned black cohosh as well.

So ladies, please ask your doctor about the safety of any of these things for you personally, and be safe!





Treatment Plan

Met with the medical oncologist on Monday morning. She has outlined the treatment plan as follows:

4 doses of two chemotherapy drugs, Docataxel and Cyclophosphamide.  They will be given every 3 weeks. At the second dose, Herceptin will be added.  I will continue with Herceptin for a total of 17 treatments, every 3 weeks.After that, pills, for a few years.

The risk of recurrence is 10% after 10 years with the treatment.

There are many appointments and procedures to go through now, prior to beginning the chemotherapy on May 27th. There will be a heart test, which will be done every 3 months, lab work and placement of a port. There is a free chemotherapy information class to attend as well.