Another Mammogram

And here I thought I would have to get a mammogram in a year. Instead, I received a letter from the imaging center reminding me to book one. Soon.

So…this Wednesday I go in for both a mammogram and ultrasound. I told the staff that the family doctor had marked “mammogram” and not ultrasound, but she said the clinic automatically does an ultrasound as well. Ordered by doctor or not.

I have my prescription for Tylenol 4 so will take one prior to the visit. Those ultrasounds hurt so much! They are far worse than the mammogram. Tylenol 4 works to lessen all the pain, and I am grateful that my family doctor prescribed it.

Still losing hair from the Armidex, but I still have lots, so by no means am I balding, at least not yet.

I have had no issues with the Fosamax so far. I found out that the body can only absorb up to 500 mg of calcium at a time, so I take one calcium pill along with vitamin D at lunch, then the other calcium pill about two hours later, midafternoon.


Hair and Weight Gain

So – I am still losing handfuls of hair from my head when I shampoo. And….now I am experiencing some weight gain – about 7 pounds so far. I have not been using the treadmill as often as I should, so that accounts for some weight gain, and I have been prescribed Citalopram for anxiety. That was a couple of months ago. It may cause weight gain, so I am not quite ready to lay the blame for it on the Fosamax. Not yet.



AKA Alendronic acid or alendronate sodium. Here I am, day two after taking the very first weekly pill. I am not happy about the possible side effects of this medication. But the alternative, losing bone mass, is just as unsettling. There are four different medications that are available to help prevent bone loss, and to build up bone mass. Fosamax is the one chosen by my doctor. I expect that I will have to have more bone density testing done at some point. I wonder if the drug will work? I wonder if it will show within weeks, or if it will take months to have an effect. I have, in my life, only had one broken bone. The story is rather humorous.

I was watching television one afternoon – General Hospital, the soap opera, if I remember it correctly – and I got up from the sofa, and took a step, planning to go into another room. I was so engrossed in the TV show, that I didn’t look where I was going, and that step slammed my little toe right into the leg of the coffee table. I nearly passed out from the pain. Later, the toe was bruised and a bit swelled, but of course, as my doctor told me, there is nothing really to be done for a broken toe. I was more careful after that. Still watched the soap every day back then, though.