At first, I was not going to tell anyone in the family about my diagnosis of breast cancer.
Then, I had second thoughts, as I realized that this was rather selfish of me.

My son took it well. He has offered to help if my husband and I need anything.

My middle sister telephoned and we had a nice chat. She and I were raised in separate households, far from each other – a long story – and we’ve met only a few times, yet she called and I am touched by that.

While I know my oldest sister better, I also know that she has some quirks, so I can forgive her logic, when she suggested that maybe the surgery would reveal that there wasn’t any cancer – “miracles happen” she wrote.

I read through all of the brochures on Sunday morning. There is so much to assimilate! Slept well last night. I have moments of fear and anxiety, but I do look forward to and also dread the two days when I have the pre-op and surgery to get through. There is some comfort, though, in knowing that so many others have been through it already. If they have done, so can I.