So….the appointment on Friday the 24th turned out to be with the doctor’s nurse only. I was given prescriptions for Decadron (dexamethasone), Zofran (mylan ondansetron) and Metoclopramide.

Some of the pills have to be taken beginning on the day prior to the chemotherapy.

On Monday, I was awake early, and at the cancer centre in plenty of time. All of the people in the waiting room seemed so OLD.

A nurse escorted me and my husband to one of the large rooms, where beds are available. Since I was going to be there for 2 and a half hours, and it was the first time, I had to be in a bed. Not undressed, though, and the port was easily available and it did not hurt at all when she inserted the needle!

The nurse went very carefully over all the possible side effects and what to watch out for. Then the first chemo drug was started by IV. After an hour and a half, it was done. The port was flushed, and the second chemo drug was started. There are volunteers who come around every so often, with coffee, juice, cookies and crackers. It is possible to get up to use the bathroom as the IV is portable.

I was very glad to have this first session over with,and no ill effects – no allergic reactions.

I have been very tired yesterday and today (day 3 and 4 since the chemo on Monday). The worst effects are days 3, 4 and 5 according to the doctor.

I next have to go for blood work on June 14, and see the doctor again. Then June 17th is Chemotherapy 2 of four.

The anti-nausea pills are working well. I’ve only needed them once or twice the last two days. Of course, I expect to be much more ill but here is how I look at it – If I am sick it means the drugs are working. To me, I think of chemotherapy as a ‘reboot’ of my body., much like when you ‘reboot’ a computer. All the cells are going to be killed off and restart. That may not be very accurate!  But it helps me to face what is coming.

Until next time.