An Appointment Booked

I received a telephone call this afternoon, with an appointment booking for next Tuesday, March 19, in the morning. This is at the Women’s Health Centre.
The staff with whom I spoke told me that they will discuss everything with me at that time.
I am so very, very grateful to be able to get this appointment so quickly.

I did not sleep well this past Monday night [the night after my family doctor called to give me the test results]. I woke at 4 am and couldn’t get back to sleep again until about 6 am.
Last night was a little better. I did wake, but managed to *not think about* the cancer, to stop obsessing about it.

I have never known anyone who has had cancer, except my husband’s grandmother, and she lived through many surgeries and many years, living to age 83.

This is all new territory for me. I hope that my experiences will help my readers in their exploration of this topic too. Let’s learn together.