And So It Goes

My husband took an unexpected turn for the worse the other day. He became very weak and now needs a walker to get around the house.

He is coughing a lot although cough medicine will help.

He has an appointment for a consultation on August 3rd, and I hope he will be alright until then.

We have lawyers working on a new will, personal directive and enduring power of attorney at the moment. I hope he will be alright until the papers are signed.

Don’t leave these things until the last minute as we have done!



Cancer, Again

No, I have no symptoms, and I am still due to have my now annual mammogram in August.

In June, I learned that my husband has lung cancer which has spread to his shoulder.

He is currently undergoing radiation treatments. The pain was bad, and the doctor thought it was a “bad shoulder” as he has previous injuries to it, a torn rotator cuff, etc.

But that was not the only thing. A CT Scan revealed a tumor.

Going forward, he will have a total of ten radiation treatments, and then he meets with an oncologist for consult on August 3.

I am devastated.