Off Topic



I am posting a note today on our pets. We really never can have them long enough, can we?
My cat had reached the age of 21 years and nearly two months old. Last night he threw up some food and there was bright red blood mixed in with it. I called the vet’s office this morning and got him in to be euthanized. It was hard to do, but no one wanted him to suffer and whatever was wrong healthwise was not going to get better. He had other health issues – kidney failure and a sensitive stomach. He often threw up.
So rest in peace, Patz, you were a good kitty. Sweet natured and happy to the end.


Hair and Weight Gain

So – I am still losing handfuls of hair from my head when I shampoo. And….now I am experiencing some weight gain – about 7 pounds so far. I have not been using the treadmill as often as I should, so that accounts for some weight gain, and I have been prescribed Citalopram for anxiety. That was a couple of months ago. It may cause weight gain, so I am not quite ready to lay the blame for it on the Fosamax. Not yet.