How Things Change



I thought today about how relationships can change after a cancer diagnosis.

For instance, my husband and I became closer. He was a good support for me while I underwent treatment.

On the other hand, two of my relationships changed for the worst.

One, my hair stylist. She no longer chats with me about everyday things. She leaves great silences now, and is less chatty about her own life.

Two, my dental hygienist. She has been my hygienist for over eight years now. I am a nervous person at the dental office, and only go to her for dental cleaning. She has also become silent and seems less friendly than before she learned of my diagnosis.

Do these ladies fear that they, too, will develop cancer? Do they both feel that they must distance themselves from me, in case I die of the disease?
Do they have other problems that have nothing to do with me, and are they both thinking and worrying about such problems, in silence, not feeling that they can confide in me?

Am I simply imagining things? I hope so.

It is hard enough to be a cancer survivor without feelings of rejection or withdrawal from those one has had dealings with in the past.