I had to attend a funeral yesterday. My sister-in-law passed away at age 64. She was diagnosed with breast cancer only a few months after I was diagnosed. She had triple negative breast cancer, stage 4. After the treatment, she developed cancer of the spine, which responded to treatment, but then she developed lung cancer and was sent home without any hope of recovery.

We had the privilege of  a weekend visit with her and my brother-in-law a few months before she died. She was mostly confined to a wheelchair, due to serious hip and knee joint problems. The surgery for those problems had been cancelled once she was diagnosed with cancer.

She also suffered from fibromyalgia, and had for several years.

Despite her health issues, she was kind, and genuinely interested in others.

I will miss her terribly, even though we only visited occasionally. She was that sort of person. If you are lucky, you know someone like that, and can appreciate my loss.

My brother-in-law married her, in hospital, and less than 48 hours before she passed away. She was happy, though, and I think she died in peace.

My middle sister died 10 days later. She had had a kidney transplant many years ago, and had actually outlived the expected time. She was 73. She died from kidney failure.

My step-mother-in-law died in November, 2015 from COPD complications and malnutrition. She was a very picky eater in the last days at the senior’s lodge and I think she had anorexia associated with dementia. She died peacefully.

So….it has been a stressful and emotional time here. I hope to have brighter posts in future.