Tamoxifen, HER2 and Natural Products

When I stopped at the Cancer Center Pharmacy for my Tamoxifen, a staff member went over the possible side effects as well as natural health supplements that I must avoid.

I am going to list them here for others to see. These all have phytoestrogens and are not recommended due to estrogenic activity.

Aletris, alfalfa, anise, beta-sitosterols, bitter melon, black cohosh, blue cohosh, chasteberry, DHEA, dong quai, evening primrose oil, ginseng (all), fennel, flaxseed, hops, licorice, milk thistle, raspberry leaf, red clover, resveratrol, scarlet pimpernel, soy supplements, tangeretin, wild yam.

That’s quite a list. While I knew about soy and flaxseed, as the oncologist mentioned them early on, I was not aware of some of these others.