Third Chemotherapy

Well, the third treatment was a lot worse than the first two.  I was ill – a general feeling of illness, as though I had the flu – for about 10 days. I now feel better, just in time for this Friday’s bloodwork and appointment with the oncologist. The fourth and last chemotherapy is set for July 29th, so as long as the blood work is good that will go ahead.

I have had an appointment with the radiation oncologist, and on August 7th will have a CT scan and the marking will be done for the radiation treatments. I will see this doctor every Wednesday morning during the course of the 16 radiation treatments. They begin August 26th.

The doctor told me to use Glaxal Base cream on the breast, as the radiation can cause skin irritation, even like a sunburn. He says to leave the area exposed for an hour per day during the treatment. Also, he says the skin may darken. There may be damage to a small part of my right lung – there may be scarring there. There’s a tiny risk of developing cancer!