Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

The Call

My doctor phoned me just before supper, to let me know that the test results are in, and that I do have breast cancer.
He tells me that the cancer has not spread into the blood etc. and that he will make arrangements for me to have an appointment at the Cancer Centre. I asked him what kind of cancer I have. He replied that it is ductal.
I have read about ductal carcinoma and it is, apparently, the most common type.

I suppose I am still in shock about this, as I feel distanced from it all. I know that it is going to sink in soon though.

To Tell or Not

Many years ago, a therapist I was seeing told me I was a ‘stoic’. Perhaps that is why I have no intentions of telling anyone in my family about this, other than my husband, who is, thankfully, already being supportive.

I am not close to anyone else, and do not want the family to suddenly start paying attention to me just because I have cancer.
If they ignored me when I was well, I don’t need them now!


3 thoughts on “Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

  1. Thank you for writing about your experience. I have a bilateral biopsy Friday and have one lump in one and two in the other and I have microcalcifications that could be early cancer. I will be praying for you.

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